Sunday, November 3, 2013

Scan - QR and Barcode Reader v2.0 Build 17 *UPDATE*

Scan - QR Barcode Reader v2.0 Build 17 *UPDATE* O/S : 4.0+ Scan fastest user-friendly QR reader barcode scanner available!

To scanQR code barcode open app, point camera at code,’rene!re need takephoto pressbutton. Scan automatically recognize any coder camera pointing at.

When scanningQR code, code containswebsite URL, automatically taken site. code just contains text,'ll immediately see. ormats phone numbers, email addresses, contactfo, prompted take appropriate action.


Scan recognizesof popular barcode types (UPC, EAN,BN) shows pricing, reviews, about any products scan. Barcode scanning requiresnewer der work reliably. Cameras older s provide resolution focus required barcode scanning.


Viewhistory list mapofr past scans

Syncr scantory across webofr s

Toggler front rear camera scanning

Setdefault browser open websites

Scan pictures QR codes barcodesr camera roll

A switch turnr ’s light (ife) scanning low-light circumstances


Our goal makeappst scanning app store. We’tout. We dedicatedr satisfaction need hear haveissue Scan, please writereview app saying "it didn't work."es help us make thingstter.stead, please contact us at Twitter @scan we'llbest help.


Inder use Scan,r must havebuilt-in camera. When scanning codes that redirectline content, websites, needternet connectivity.


What's version : (Updated : Oct 9, 2013)

Now sale $1.99wn $4.99! (over 50%f!)

An updated, modern design

ability setdefault browser open websites

Toggler front rear camera scanning

Scan pictures QR codes barcodesr camera roll

Even enhancements bug fixes

Create scanr own QR codessite at

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